After the consultation with the doctor, a personal detailed approach is set for each patient. Pre-operative examination is needed and can be done directly at the ISCARE clinic.

On the day of the surgery, the patient is taken to the operating hall where some preparations are done by the nurses (shaving the surgery area, disinfection, etc.). During the surgery a small cut of aprox. 3 cm is made to open the skin between the penis and scrotum. Here are the erectile bodies of the penis. These are then opened, widened, and measured so that an appropriate size of an implant can be inserted. After the implants are inserted, the erectile bodies are closed again.

When using the inflatable implants, the surgery continues by placing the pump into the scrotum, positioning the reservoir, connecting all parts and finalizing the surgery by stitching up the surgical wound.

The surgery with inflatable implants takes approximately 2 hours. The malleable implants surgery is a little bit shorter.

Post-operative care

The basic lengths of hospitalization at the ISCARE clinic are 1-2 days (in case no complications arise during the surgery). After releasing the patient into home care, we recommend to stay home for 2 more days, avoiding sitting down to limit an unwanted activation of the implant by pressing on the pump. We also recommend a downtime of 14 days. A small amount of antibiotics is prescribed for 3 weeks.

The pump may be activated 4th to 8th week after the surgery. The first activation is done under the doctors’ supervision. Later on, the patient can practice once or twice a day at home while sitting in a warm water. Once the patient has no trouble using the implant on his own, a sexual intercourse is allowed.