Malleable penile implants

Malleable implants are easy to use for you and your partner. Penis is simply bent up when needed for a sexual intercourse, and down again when not in use.

It is a good choice for men after finger injuries, who have limited mobility in their hands or any other mobility disorder.

Implanting a malleable penile implant is a simple procedure. Therefore it is a good choice for seriously ill patients, who would suffer if the duration of the surgery was too long.

Due to the disadvantages mentioned below, only 20% of the penile implants used worldwide are malleable.

   Advantages of malleable implants

  • Non-inflatable implants are cheaper
  • Easy to use

   Disadvantages of malleable implants

  • Patients may experience post-operative pain before the penis gets used to a permanent erection
  • The penile tissue may get thinner in the long term